Revenue Enhancement

Revenue Enhancement is multipronged and is typically characterized by short term quick wins on one hand and long term strategies on the other.

The ESA team was part of the core team that restructured Uganda Revenue Authority in 2005. The restructuring and reforms thereof resulted in a more efficient and effective organization especially in terms of increased revenue. The team has the capacity and experience to turn around both private and public enterprises/organizations. Key initiatives that have helped enhance revenue include:

  • Re-engineering and simplification of Procedures,
  • Improved Taxpayers and Client Relationships that in turn lead to improved satisfaction over and above expectation,
  • Provision of convenient service points and location anytime and anywhere, i.e. nearer to the Clients;
  • Adopting efficient revenue collection methods not only to secure the revenue but also to account for it such as directly remitting tax to the Revenue Bank accounts, Conducting Tax Education and awareness campaigns across board.
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ESA’s team of consultants has vast experience spanning more than one decade of distinguished service and responsibilities. We provide cutting-edge consulting services and solutions above expectation that not only meet clients expectations but also respective users of their services.

ESA believes in exercising professionalism all the way in delivering quality outputs with integrity and honesty in the sphere of consulting.

With ESA's Team and our strong vision which inspires others thus making it possible to share a common goal towards which to direct the efforts and dedication of the entire team.

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