Project Management Consulting Services.

ESA Business Consultants Ltd has a team of project management experts with over 10 years experience in public institution in Uganda and East African region.

To keep that competitive edge, companies need to align their project management strategies directly with their strategic business goals. That’s why ESA Project Management as a service sits at the centre of our Simplified integrated methodology. This includes not just project management, but program and portfolio management as well.

ESA seamlessly integrates resources across a company’s departments and utilizes communication, planning and budgeting skills to bring projects and deliverables to completion on time and under budget. Our project management expertise and oversight is based on sound project management integrated (PMI) principles, and has helped commercial and government agencies streamline their delivery process, cut costs, and sidestep risks, thus providing significant cost savings and measurable long term value.

ESA Project management expertise was developed in Uganda Revenue Authority modernization projects that involved the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to a broad range of activities in order to meet the requirements of a particular project.

ESA’s team of consultants has vast experience spanning more than one decade of distinguished service and responsibilities. We provide cutting-edge consulting services and solutions above expectation that not only meet clients expectations but also respective users of their services.

ESA believes in exercising professionalism all the way in delivering quality outputs with integrity and honesty in the sphere of consulting.

With ESA's Team and our strong vision which inspires others thus making it possible to share a common goal towards which to direct the efforts and dedication of the entire team.

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