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Mr. Peter Mbubi Malinga.

Chairman and Senior Trade Policy/ Customs Expert.

Areas of Expertise

Over 30 years of experience in Tax Administration and formulation/implementation of tax policy.

Former Commissioner of Customs at the Uganda Revenue Authority-2005-2011. Former Assistance Commissioner in the URA – 1999-2004 in charge of customs technical matter such as Tariff Classification of goods, Valuation, Risk management, Coordinated Border Management, Customs procedures, Modernization of Customs Administration, Trainer,

Senior Customs Expert at WCO and COMESA for implementation of the Customs policy formulation and Customs Union respectively. Trade Facilitation Expert, Implementation of the COMESA FTA.

Regional Negotiator on EAC Customs Union and Common Market, Negotiator at the TRIPATE for COMESA, EAC and SADC.

Senior Consultant in various fields with AU (Drafting of a Strategy for Trade Facilitation for AU Member States), EAC Secretariat, EAC Region, COMESA Secretariat, COMESA Region, WTO, World Bank. Trademark EA, GiZ, National Governments of Uganda, South Sudan and Private Sector.


  • Master’s Degree in Industrial Location and Development (MILD) VRIJE University of Brussels (VUB), Belgium.
  • Post Graduate Degree in Industrial Location and development – VRIJE.
  • BA Economics and Agricultural Economics.
  • Trainer of Trainers Management - UK, Management - DUBAI.
  • Cert: Balanced Score Card with Georgia State University, USA.

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