Customs, Trade Policy and Facilitation

Our trade and Customs advisory services focus on compliance solutions that will help you meet the ever changing regulatory requirements on national and regional effective customs & trade policy and facilitation in the East African Community.

We have a team of Customs compliance experts that can help you manage your exports and imports clearance procedures. We perfom the following services: -

  • Conduct trade practice assessments, preparing export/import documents,
  • Assist exporters and importers fulfilling customs clearance procedures from origin to destination/home use and or transit to exit,
  • Conduct facilitation in port clearance and transit freight services and moving cargo to inland destinations under the Single Customs Territory procedures.
  • Carry out partnership and networked logistics assists in partnership for clearance agency, freight forwarding, warehousing, transport/distribution in the East African Community.
  • Assist in establishing linkages to Uganda Government Statutory Agencies responsible for national regulatory requirements such as Uganda Investment Authority, Kampala City Capital Authority, Uganda Bureau of Regitration Services, Immigration Department, etc.
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ESA’s team of consultants has vast experience spanning more than one decade of distinguished service and responsibilities. We provide cutting-edge consulting services and solutions above expectation that not only meet clients expectations but also respective users of their services.

ESA believes in exercising professionalism all the way in delivering quality outputs with integrity and honesty in the sphere of consulting.

With ESA's Team and our strong vision which inspires others thus making it possible to share a common goal towards which to direct the efforts and dedication of the entire team.

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